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This site is for anyone who wants to do something more than just waste resources.

It aims to show what can be done relatively easily and cheaply.

Different activities require different skills and equipment. If you can read, you can do it.

Mostly equipment is basic or easily sourced from junk shops, second hand, auction sites and sometimes just lying around.

Whatever you choose to do think safety. Tools and almost anything can cause injury if not handled carefully.

Invest in protective gear where appropriate. Replacing a chainsaw is easy but getting a new foot or recovering from a serious cut is not.

If your interest in a particular area grows, then look a getting better equipment as you go along. Sometimes you can make tools yourself or improve existing ones. Check out the internet and you tube, it’s truly amazing what is out there and how many people have been stuck with the same problem you face and then just how many people have come up with a solution.

My advice. Have an idea, try it out. What have you to lose.