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This is one of the most plentiful resources available and used properly it is sustainable.

From growing nitens or pine for firewood, to letting it grow larger for timber use, it’s a great material.

Trees provide shelter for stock from wind, rain and sun.

It can keep you warm in winter, provide tables and chairs to use indoors and outdoors. Is useful for any building work you are doing and only a few important points need to be adhered to.

For outside work where the wood is in contact with the earth it needs to be treated and for that it is best to source ready treated timber. For most of the stuff above ground no treatment is needed unless you live in areas with termites and other wood eating creatures then you may need to apply some protection if you want it to last for a very long time.

Depending on what you intend to make you may only need the most basic tools, as your projects become more sophisticated then generally more tools are needed.

For some furniture you can use green wood and craft benches and chairs and table, especially for outdoor use. You can put together very good indoor chairs.

With the internet and youtube a great deal of information is available with good demonstrations of how to go about it. The various pages throughout this site contain links to useful resources that I have used.

From felled tree to useable timber

Sourcing good equipment in NZ is not always easy. With such a small population many products generally available in the USA and Europe are hard to find or just not sold here. Surprisingly there is a great place in Levin who sell a whole range of saw and arborist supplies and related equipment. What’s more I have found their products and service great. Visit Levin Sawmakers Ltd to check out their stock and prices.