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When I speak of buildings I’m not thinking houses or anything of major construction. More the garden shed, or workshop, pergola, easy things, not buildings to live in.

Most countries have a whole raft of regulations that change constantly and continually seek to restrict the type of work you can do for yourself. That being the case you need to find out who controls your building regulations, get a copy of them and work within the guidelines. (Bummer!)

Well if you can construct a workshop and need to restrict yourself to certain regulations this is what you can do for minimal cost and easy construction. I made this small workshop to comply with a 10 sq mtr interior restriction, about 9.9 sq mtr inside with two covered areas open on three sides to extend the work space.

I utilised the slope of the land to incorporate some storage for machinery and timber.

I started by measuring out the 10 sq mtr and dug holes for the piles that I used to support the building. Used 12 tanalised H5 posts in concrete, to a depth of 1 mtr. For the framework I used H3 and the floor and walls are marine ply. The roof is zincalume corrugated long run with a 2 mtr length of clear corrugated plastic roofing. That was to provide extra light.

The pictures show the finished product and this has been serving me well for a few years. I ran out electrical cable from an existing power board for convenience, then installed several power points inside the workshop. Lots of the other materials were sourced from local demolition sites or just found around the property and recycled.